Your best bang for your buck as far as solar installation goes. Great service, very efficient and got things done in a timely manner. A lot of solar companies tend to lie about the real price of the installation in the beginning to sell you on it, lock you in and take advantage of you. That was not the case here. I’m more than satisfied with Discount Solar. Steven handled everything stress-free on my end and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely recommend.
I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by this solar company! From the initial consultation to the final installation, everything was handled professionally and efficiently. The team was knowledgeable and answered all my questions, making the process smooth and easy. The solar panels are performing exceptionally well, and I’m already seeing a significant reduction in my energy bills. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering solar solutions.
Discount solar solutions was honest and reliable. everything was installed quickly and thanks to abel i was able to save money on my bill. i highly recommend for anyone looking into solar!
Best group to work with by far. Everything was cheap, simple, and stress free. Would recommend to anybody. I had the pleasure of working with Abel and he made my choice very simple on who to trust.
Super affordable and done the right way. Sought out some other options but after talking with Abel and getting the pricing I knew this was the way to go. Installation was quick and easy and it honestly has really saved me a bunch of money on my bill. I really wish I would’ve done this way sooner. Can’t recommend the guys at Discount Solar enough!
The project that I had going was a very affordable price. Steven helped me out and had great service while doing this project. I would highly recommend this company due to the fact that they are cheaper, honest, and are quick but yet doing it the right way. Also it was zero done which really helped me out do my to financial status.
I was very impressed Steven handled the process and how cheap also honest the installation process was. No hidden fees or anything I had to worry about throughout the process. Fast installation With no down payment saving me more $$ in my bills
I loved how efficient everyone worked, especially in the heat. Im glad I was able to get solar from such honest and hard working guys like Brentt. I suggest talking with Abel when starting the process, it was hassle free and i didn’t have a down payment.
Cheap and honest company. Quick installation. My wife and I are happy and Abel was a great help to make the process run smoothly.
One of the cheapest Solar companies I’ve ran into! They’re honest and install at a quick rate. Overall we saved with 0 money down. Abel was very helpful.
Cheapest solar company I’ve came across. $0 down and Brentt was an extreme help with making things not complicated. Quick installation.
Steven was very helpful with the process and very honest. Everything was installed quickly and has saved me money on my bill.
Zero money down was a highlight. An affordable service with great customer service. Steven was very helpful with locking me in. Glad I went with this company.
One of the best companies you can ever work with!! Abel was very fast and reliable with providing the solar needed and I was able to save money on my bills this summer with zero money down!!
One of the most affordable companies I’ve came across that provided great service. The installation time was great and Brentt was very helpful.
Some of the best work I’ve seen, Abel helped he reduce my bill and they installed the panels fairly quickly for zero down!
Really difficult finding a place with great customer service but discount solar solutions really took care of me. Cheap prices and overall a very easy & excellent experience. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family members!
The installation process was a lot cheaper than other solar companies I’ve dealt with previously. Brentt was very honest with me on the prices and it was a no brainer when I found out I wouldn’t have to put any money down. By far the best solar company I’ve dealt with yet.
Very affordable! Helped me save $$$. Steven was super helpful!
Shoutout to Abel. He made the installation very quick and very professional.
This company was very helpful. The employee named steven helped assist me and helped me save money with zero dollars down.
Steven helped me out and had great service. They are cheaper, honest, and installed quickly, saved me money on my bill, zero money down etc.
Definitely happy with choosing these guys to do the job ! Got to talk to Brentt and got such an amazing price for such professional work . I was very surprised at how quick they got things done . Very convenient too.

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